Is Mold in Your Home Affecting Your Skin?


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Mold can grow in any place where there is a lot of moisture. It can grow both indoors and outdoors. Mold can be commonly found in bathrooms, basement, or walls that have a leak. It has a musty odor and might cause health problems to those who live with it.

Many people who have health problems in the presence of mold are allergic to mold. However, people who were not may become allergic to mold when mold was found and exposed to the people.

Here are some common symptoms affected by mold:


Wheezing is a sign of shortness of breath. It is caused by air unable to move freely in and out of lungs. One of the main reasons why wheezing could happen is because allergens like mold caused narrowed airways. It is recommended to cover your nose while breathing in a place that has mold.

Runny Nose , Itchy Eyes, and Coughing

All of these symptoms are caused by the nasal passages obstructs the free flow of air in and out of it and fluids are released. When you have a runny nose, your eyes start to get itchy and watering, and coughing starts to occur. Although, there are many causes for these inflammations such as allergies and dust, yet, mold can certainly a factor to such infections.

Skin Rashes

If you touched mold recently, it can cause rashes on the skin. That could also lead to conditions like eczema and hives. It is suggested to get over the counter medicine that could cure these rashes.

Recommended Medication

Getting medication could be a short term treatment but in order to fully remove mold, you should consult a professional and licensed mold specialist like Mold Doctors. We can perform a free mold inspection and help you remove mold completely. Mold Doctors would also give you tips to prevent mold from growing again in the future. We are proud to serve Dennis, Barnstable, Chatham, Yarmouth, and other areas in Cape Cod and the South Shore. Contact us at 508-534-9091 to schedule an inspection.


3 Reasons to Buy a Dehumidifier


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Many people might consider a humidifier is not a necessity but it is an important item to have if you have allergy problems or if you are worried about your health. It can have a huge impact on your life.

Here are three reasons why you should buy a humidifier.

1.  You Have Allergies

There are many common allergens thrive in humid air and some of them are harmful to your body. The grossest of them all is dust mites, they love the damp spaces and if the room is above 50% humidity, they thrive in it. They will survive by eating dead skin from humans and pets and because they are invisible to the eye, it is impossible to get rid of them by simply cleaning the area. Dust mites will destroy your rugs, furniture, and your respiratory system.

2. Lower Energy Bill

Did you know a humid house is more difficult to cool? It is twice as hard for your air conditioner to dry the air before cooling it. In the summer, the wet air feels warmer than dry air at the same temperature, as a result, homeowners turn down the thermostat or their air conditioner to feel more comfortable.

3. You Have Mold

In many homes of Cape Cod and South Shore, they are equipped with a basement, and the odor of mold can be smelled if you are in the basement. Mold can also cause damages to your home’s structure. Mold can be formed when the humidity of a home is 60% or above and it can do damages to walls, structures, and carpets. By drying out the air, it is harder for mold spores to grow and spread themselves.

Contact Mold Doctors, Cape Cod and South Shore Mold Removal Specialist

If you found mold in your home, contact Mold Doctors immediately for a free inspection. We offer mold remediation, mold removal, mold prevention and other services.  We proudly serve Barnstable, Dennis, Yarmouth, Plymouth, and more.

Do Air Purifiers Actually Help to Prevent Mold from Growing?


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Mold & Air Purifier

After a long winter in the South Shore and Cape Cod area, spring has finally arrived, and it has brought a lot of rain ever since April. Many homeowners might have thought of purchasing an air purifier to get rid of the excessive moisture at home. Also, some people might believe that allergies will suddenly stop when you use an air purifier, however, that is just a part of allergy control. It is important to keep your doors and windows open to increase air circulation and helping the air purifier eliminate particles at a faster rate

In order to stop mold, it is essential to learn about the common causes of mold. Although not all mold is dangerous, yet no mold is good for your health. Mold will need oxygen, moisture, warmth and darkness to grow and survive in your home. However, moisture is the most important factor in whether mold will grow or not.

Common causes of mold:

  • Leaking Roofs – Rainwater might leak into the attic, an area with low traffic and mold could develop with the excess moisture.
  • Poor Air Circulation – If you have poor air circulation in a room, there is a chance that mold can grow from stagnant moisture
  • Leaking Pipes – Mold can start growing from the moisture caused by leaking pipes, especially the pipes hidden from view such as the ones in the walls.

To use air purifiers most effectively, it should be used in areas that are constantly dampened such as basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. Air purifiers will filter most of the spores in the air, however, they do not resolve the underlying problem of mold growth.

Contact a Mold Removal Specialist in South Shore & Cape Cod Today

If you ever found mold in your home, DO NOT attempt to remove it by yourselves because it could be toxic and you should contact Mold Doctors, a mold removal expert in the South Shore & Cape Cod area. Mold Doctors have years of experience handling mold found in the Cape Cod area. Call us today at 855-MOLD DOC. We are proud to serve Brockton, Duxbury, Cotuit, Middleborough, Orleans, and more.




4 Tips to Avoid Mold This Spring


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Mold Removal Cape Cod MA

How to Avoid Mold This Spring

Spring is finally here in New England and many homeowners are cleaning up their yard and home. While it is important to clean up any debris in your yard, it is also important to not overlook any mold that might emerge throughout your home. Check out these few tips that will keep your home mold free in the spring.

  • In areas like kitchen and bathroom with a high level of moisture, make sure you mop up any extra moisture and look out for any water leaks.
  • Retain a low humidity indoors of about 30% to 50%. By having a low humidity, it can decrease the amount of mold that will build up in your home.
  • Dry up any water spills in the house to avoid mold from growing because mold can grow with a small amount of moisture.
  • Place plants to increase oxygen and reduce CO2 levels in the house

By following these 4 tips, it can reduce the chance of mold growing and improves the air quality in the house. If you ever encounter mold in your home, DO NOT attempt to remove them yourself because it takes years of experience to determine if the mold is toxic. Contact a professional and licensed mold removal expert today. If you are in the South Shore or Cape Cod area looking for a mold removal specialist, call Mold Doctors today at 855-MOLD DOC for a free consultation.

Mold Growing in A Flooded Basement


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Mold Growing in A Flooded Basement

With snow melting as the winter is almost over, your basement could be flooded with melting snow and the notorious weather New England constantly gets in the spring. It is a severe problem for anyone living in a low elevation area. Also, if your basement is flooded, you could be dealing with more than just the water damages. Mold can grow due to the humidity caused by the flood and cause serious health issues.

Did you mold can grow in just a very small amount of water? Mold can survive and reproduce with enough humidity inside a room. So, even if you have removed the flooding with a pump, your basement has the potential of becoming a breeding ground for mold. Although not all mold is toxic, yet no mold has any benefits to a person’s home. It is highly recommended that you remove mold immediately after seeing them. It can irritate your eyes, nose, skin and respiratory diseases can develop spores get into the lungs.

Contact a Mold Removal Specialist in South Shore and Cape Cod Today

You should remove flooding in the basement within 24-48 hours. If you see mold growing in your basement, don’t remove it by yourself, contact Mold Doctors to remove it for you. It is very dangerous to remove by yourself as toxic spores might be released into the air. Mold Doctors have the experience and knowledge so you can breathe easy and we use only EPA-approved products that are safe for you and the environment. Contact Mold Doctors at 1-855-MOLDDOC for a free quote in Barnstable, Kingston, Plymouth, Chatham and other areas of South Shore and Cape Cod.

Why Should You Hire a Professional to Remove Mold?


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Many people may have encounter mold problems in their homes or offices and contacted a mold removal specialist like Mold Doctors for help. However, there are still many people who attempt to remove mold by themselves and damaged their health due to the mold being toxic. Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional to remove mold.


Mold Doctors have over 20 years of experience removing molds in your home or office in the South Shore and Cape Cod. With that much experience accumulated, the mold removal specialists can easily remove the mold from your home. It takes many years to master the skills and knowledge of our service. Remember, although not all mold is toxic but no mold in the world has any benefits for your health. In the case that you may think removing mold is just as easy as replacing a light bulb, then you are wrong. No one would want the toxic mold to spread in your ventilation system if handled incorrectly.

It is also extremely crucial that you wear full protective gear at all times when removing mold. Without wearing full protective suits, there is a chance that you may breathe in dangerous mold that would endanger your health.

Contact Mold Doctors now to remove mold from your home or business in the South Shore and Cape Cod area. Call us at 855-MOLD-DOC to get a free estimate.


How to Prevent Mold Allergies?


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Mold Removal in Cape Cod 

There are many people currently affected by mold allergy especially children and elders. Mold is fungi that reproduce and grow using spores to travel through the air.

What is a Mold Allergy?

Mold can reproduce rapidly in dry or wet climates as they only need water and warmth. Mold can be found often in the bathroom, kitchen, and basement of someone’s home. A study shows that at least one in three children is allergic to mold.

Symptoms of a Mold Allergy

The symptoms of a mold allergy are similar to a cold or other common allergies, someone who is allergic to mold is likely to experience sneezing, itching, coughing, runny nose and more. Things could get worse if the mold spores reach your lungs and trigger asthma and lung infections. These problems can be life-threatening if not treated immediately. If you feel your hay fever symptoms are worse when you are in a moldy area like the bathroom, you are extremely likely to have a mold allergy.

How to Prevent Mold?

There is no cure for the allergy, however, you can prevent more mold from reproducing in your home.

  • Lower humidity – If the indoor humidity is more than 50%, mold will live and continue to reproduce. You can measure the humidity using a hygrometer and keep it below 35%
  • Improve air ventilation throughout the house
  • Use a dehumidifier

Contact a Mold Removal Specialist in Yarmouth, MA

When you have prevented mold from growing, contact a mold removal specialist like Mold Doctors in West Yarmouth, Barnstable, Dennis, Hyannis, Osterville, MA to remove any mold in your home. There is no need to test if the mold is safe to people because there is no type of mold that is safe for people to breathe in. Thus, contact a mold removal expert like Mold Doctors to clean and get rid of any mold in your home. These specialists have the knowledge and equipment to removal mold completely. Call 508-534-9091 to get a free estimate.



How to Avoid Mold Problems in the Winter?


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Homeowners often associate mold with the warmer and wetter seasons and tend to overlook mold prevention in winter. However, it is a surprise to many that mold often grows faster during the winter months due to a lack of circulation from closed windows and doors. The moisture that is also kept in is perfect for mold growth and it can make people living under the space sick.

When you find mold near an area that is humid, calling a mold cleaning specialist like Mold Doctors is the best option to keep your family healthy. However, it is crucial to prevent mold from reproducing by regular inspections and prevention.

Here are a few tips to prevent mold in the winter

  • Keep everything dry and clean by using dehumidifiers and open the windows if the air outside is drier than air inside
  • Ensure there is a good ventilation within the building and lower the humidity and temperature as molds don’t grow in these conditions
  • Remove standing water and insulate your water pipes to make sure they don’t leak or burst because of the frigid New England weather.

Contact Mold Doctors now at 855-MOLD DOC to get a free estimate!!! We proudly serve the communities of Yarmouth, Sandwich, Orleans, and other cities and towns in the South Shore and Cape Cod.

Why do You Need to Remove Black Mold Immediately?


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It is important to note that not all black molds are dangerous as there are at least 1000 different species found in the United States. However, when discovered, it is highly recommended that the mold is removed immediately because the harmless ones look very much alike to the ones that are dangerous. Before we learn what is so dangerous about it, let’s learn about what is black mold first.

What is Black Mold?

Black mold’s scientific names are S. chlorohalonata & S. chartarum and it is a fungus that grows inside or outside your house. Its color is usually green and black and it requires moisture to survive thus creating a slimy texture. That’s why black mold found inside the house is often from leaks inside walls, ceilings, or floors. Black mold also has a unique odor that is obvious when discovered especially in the HVAC ducts.

Why is Black Mold Dangerous?

Black mold can produce poison toxins called mycotoxins which can cause severe health problems to humans and would be amplified for infants, elderly, and pets.

Illnesses that Can be Caused by Black Mold:

  • Respiratory distress
  • Coughing & sneezing
  • Excessive tiredness
  • Vomiting
  • Kidney problems
  • Itching to Eyes

It is very deadly if toxic black mold is allowed to grow inside the house and severely damage your health. For personal safety, it is important to hire a mold removal specialist like Mold Doctors that would remove the black mold completely from your house. Mold Doctors serve Cape Cod and the South Shore area with a 10% discount for senior citizens and active participants of the military. Contact us now for a free estimate and let us help you remove your black mold.

How Do You Identify Mold Issues That Need More Attention ?


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Have you ever walked down to your basement for your weekly laundry wash, and experienced a disturbing moldy musk after rainfall?  It could be that Mold is developing in your basement. Mold Odor in the home, is not something you should ignore. Once dampness has seeped into spaces that have little ability to dry, mold spores in the home become inevitable.

Besides smelling a mold odor, there are other ways to signal an indication of a mold problem. To be able to visibly see mold growth even if it is a minuscule patch, it’s a cause for concern. The reason behind that small patch of mold you see is that it has the ability to grow into larger patches and spread. It also signifies a much larger problem because of the possibility of a mold colony growing within the walls.

If you’ve had any issues with water leaks over the last few months and have experienced leaks near the sinks of your home and basement, then this is a clear sign you may have mold. Sometimes the mold may not be blatant in sight because the leaks are hidden behind walls and in areas not visible to the human eye.

If you’ve experienced condensation in your room or a specific area of your home, then you may have mold growing in your home.  Do your windows fog up despite there being no fog outside? Does this specific room or space feel more humid than the rest of the house?  Humidity condensed in a room may be enough to determine mold growing in the space and should be inspected especially if the doors to this space are often closed allowing no air to circulate.

If you have been exposed to mold and are suffering from symptoms like sneezing, headaches and other allergy symptoms this means the mold growth in your home has become toxic to the point where it is affecting you and possibly your family.

Once the mold has reached a toxic potential you should contact a mold remediation specialist because it should be removed. If you believe your home has been exposed to mold and needs to be inspected by a professional!

Call Mold Doctors Today at  (508) 534-9091 or visit us online and fill out a contact form with your specific mold issue at

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