How to Handle Bathroom Mold


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Mold Removal Cape Cod MA

Mold often appears in places with moisture such as basement, attic, kitchen, and bathroom. If you have never seen mold in your bathroom, is either it appears in places you could hardly see or you are a fantastic cleaner. In the bathroom, the warm, humid air plus moisture and little ventilation are one of the perfect conditions for mold to grow.

Causes of Bathroom Mold

As previously discussed, mold develops when there is a lot of moisture and often, the shower heads might be jetting water in strange directions. So the water that hit the parts of the bathroom that were not designed to handle so much water could lead to the development of mold. Mold can also develop from leaks or plumbing issues you had in the past. If you recently had a pipe burst because of the frigid temperatures, mold could easily develop from the water burst.

Is Mold Dangerous?

Although not all mold is dangerous, yet, no mold is good for your health. Mold could affect people with a weakened immune system, with asthma, babies, and elders.

How to get rid of mold

If you see that your mold infestation is not big, you might be able to remediate the mold yourself. You can start cleaning the affected area with diluted vinegar on a non-porous surface. However, if mold is widespread and has damaged a large area of your walls, you need to call a professional for help. The sooner you remediate the mold, the better.

Contact Mold Doctors Today

If you need a mold remediation professional to inspect and remediate the mold in your home, contact Mold Doctors today. We have years of experience treating various kinds of mold in South Shore and Cape Cod.

Why You Should NOT Paint Over Mold


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Black Mold

If you mold appearing on your walls, it could look very unpleasant especially during the holiday seasons. Mold grows fairly quickly once they start appearing and many homeowners were wondering if they can take a little shortcut and paint over mold?

When you paint over mold, it is a quick fix to hide the mold but it would not kill the mold underneath the paint. So, once mold starts to grow over the paint, it will reappear again. Many people do it because of a lack of education about mold, however, there are many landlords or property managers that paint over because that is the cheapest and fastest way to cover any mold that appears in a home.

Signs of Paint Over Mold: 

  • The paint on the wall is bubbled, cracked, or chipped.
  • White paint that has turned yellow
  • The wall is not flat because of water damage

If you see signs of mold, it is most likely that there was previous water damage that was not properly remediated. You need to first find the source of the water damage whether it was a leak or flooding damage. Then, you will need to hire a professional mold remediation company to remediate the mold first before painting a fresh paint over it.

Mold is a silent and fast killer. It can impact your health and cause severe damages, it could be as serious as death. Itchy skin and respiratory issues are commonly found in people who lived with mold. The young and elders are the most vulnerable and it is important to protect you and your family. So, do not choose to paint over mold.

Contact Mold Doctors Today

If you see or suspect there is mold, contact a professional mold remediation company like Mold Doctors to start an official inspection. Professionals can easily determine the mold damage and how they can remediate the mold. It is highly recommended to do it as soon as possible because although not all mold is toxic, yet no mold is good for your health. Contact us today for a free quote. We are proud to serve Yarmouth, Dennis, Barnstable, and other areas in Cape Cod and South Shore.


How to Prevent Mold Growth in the Winter


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Mold Window

Winter has finally arrived in the South Shore and the Cape. During the winter, we love our snowball fights, skiing, and Christmas trees and it is a great season where we gather our family, friends, food, and mold. Did you say mold? Mold growth can happen frequently in your home throughout the winter season.

Before we can explore our options of preventing mold, we should take a look at what causes mold growth in cold weather. One common cause is the increase in temperature but no airflow inside your home. With the seal tight window, the condensation sticks around and creates a great environment for mold. Decaying leaves and dead plant matter are also great places for mold to develop and easily released into the air. In the winter, snow and rain can bring moisture in and out of the house and if the water is not cleaned, mold can develop quickly.

So in order to prevent mold growth, here is a list of things you can do.

  • Keep your humidity below 70%. You would not want your house to be too cool or too moist. If you can keep your temperature and humidity at balance, you can easily prevent mold growth.
  • It is important to keep a good circulation in your home. Open your windows when the weather is sunny. Use fans when showering, washing dishes, any time when moisture is brought into the house.
  • Make sure to inspect your basement for any moisture. If you see moisture, check on your drainage system. If there are pipes or appliances that are broken, replace them immediately.

The key to prevent mold growth is to keep everything as clean and dry as possible. You can do this through maintenance of your home and temperature control.

Contact Mold Doctors Today

If you notice any signs of mold, contact Mold Doctors today for a free quote. We offer mold remediation, mold removal, mold inspection, and more services to the residents and businesses of Cape Cod and South Shore. Call us today at (508) 534-9091 to learn more.

How to Prevent Mold Growth During a Construction


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During a building construction, mold could grow anywhere. With mold, the progress could be slowed and the costs could increase when replacing the affected materials and remediation. In the Cape and South Shore, because the wet climate, moisture can develop and lead to mold easily.

Construction Site

The location of the construction site is very important in preventing any moisture problems. The site should come with high water table and the land should be drained to redirect rain and snow away from the site.


The storage location should be dry and covered. The materials should be stored under a roof and a few feet off the ground. Use plastic sheets to keep the materials dry. It is highly recommended to limit storage time and have the delivery delivered to your site just before they are going to be used. If the material gets wet, leave it dry before using it. The wood material should contain no more than 19% moisture. A dehumidifier should be used if the storage area is very humid. By reducing the moisture, it reduces the possibility of mold growth.

Mold Removal

If there are signs of mold, calling removal professionals like Mold Doctors is the only possible solution. If you see mold, mold remediation should be applied to ensure the material is okay to be used. Do not count on luck when undertaking such a big project. Reach out to us today for a free quote. We are proud to serve Yarmouth, Dennis, Barnstable and the rest of Cape Cod and South Shore.



How to Tell If You Have Mold in Your Basement


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In many homes in Cape Cod and South Shore, mold can be a major problem and can seriously damage your health. Since the basement is a very humid place in your home, mold can easily grow with the slightest of moisture. So, how can you recognize the existence of basement mold?

Mold grows easier if your home is built on a former swamp or wetland and because of the moist soil. If you encounter or suspect there is mold growing, contact a professional mold remediation company for an inspection. Although not all mold is toxic, yet, there is no mold in this world that is beneficial to you.

Here are some symptoms that can easily perceive:
  • leaked water pipes in the past
  • construction waste
  • lack of ventilation

If your pipes had leaked in the past, they might have caused a damp atmosphere in the basement. Mold loves this kind of atmosphere and it could do some serious damage to the wooden parts of your home or building. Cracking sounds might appear with a damp wooden floor or staircase because the damp atmosphere caused the wooden structure to be weaker.

Construction waste that is left in a basement can attract pests like rats, mice, cockroaches, and centipedes. They can bring moisture into the room and mold can grow easily. So, it is important to keep the environment clean and tidy.

Make sure to keep your basement properly ventilated. An area that is not properly ventilated can cause mold to develop. During the warmer months, open your basement windows to keep the air flowing to prevent any moisture from developing.

Contact Mold Doctors Today

Do you recognize any of these symptoms in your own home or apartment building? If you see any signs of a mold, contact Mold Doctors immediately. We are mold remediation and mold removal specialists serving Cape Cod and South Shore. Mold Doctors have served residents in Yarmouth, Dennis, Barnstable, Chatham, and more. Contact us today for a free inspection.

Is Mold in Your Home Affecting Your Skin?


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Mold can grow in any place where there is a lot of moisture. It can grow both indoors and outdoors. Mold can be commonly found in bathrooms, basement, or walls that have a leak. It has a musty odor and might cause health problems to those who live with it.

Many people who have health problems in the presence of mold are allergic to mold. However, people who were not may become allergic to mold when mold was found and exposed to the people.

Here are some common symptoms affected by mold:


Wheezing is a sign of shortness of breath. It is caused by air unable to move freely in and out of lungs. One of the main reasons why wheezing could happen is because allergens like mold caused narrowed airways. It is recommended to cover your nose while breathing in a place that has mold.

Runny Nose , Itchy Eyes, and Coughing

All of these symptoms are caused by the nasal passages obstructs the free flow of air in and out of it and fluids are released. When you have a runny nose, your eyes start to get itchy and watering, and coughing starts to occur. Although, there are many causes for these inflammations such as allergies and dust, yet, mold can certainly a factor to such infections.

Skin Rashes

If you touched mold recently, it can cause rashes on the skin. That could also lead to conditions like eczema and hives. It is suggested to get over the counter medicine that could cure these rashes.

Recommended Medication

Getting medication could be a short term treatment but in order to fully remove mold, you should consult a professional and licensed mold specialist like Mold Doctors. We can perform a free mold inspection and help you remove mold completely. Mold Doctors would also give you tips to prevent mold from growing again in the future. We are proud to serve Dennis, Barnstable, Chatham, Yarmouth, and other areas in Cape Cod and the South Shore. Contact us at 508-534-9091 to schedule an inspection.


3 Reasons to Buy a Dehumidifier


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Many people might consider a humidifier is not a necessity but it is an important item to have if you have allergy problems or if you are worried about your health. It can have a huge impact on your life.

Here are three reasons why you should buy a humidifier.

1.  You Have Allergies

There are many common allergens thrive in humid air and some of them are harmful to your body. The grossest of them all is dust mites, they love the damp spaces and if the room is above 50% humidity, they thrive in it. They will survive by eating dead skin from humans and pets and because they are invisible to the eye, it is impossible to get rid of them by simply cleaning the area. Dust mites will destroy your rugs, furniture, and your respiratory system.

2. Lower Energy Bill

Did you know a humid house is more difficult to cool? It is twice as hard for your air conditioner to dry the air before cooling it. In the summer, the wet air feels warmer than dry air at the same temperature, as a result, homeowners turn down the thermostat or their air conditioner to feel more comfortable.

3. You Have Mold

In many homes of Cape Cod and South Shore, they are equipped with a basement, and the odor of mold can be smelled if you are in the basement. Mold can also cause damages to your home’s structure. Mold can be formed when the humidity of a home is 60% or above and it can do damages to walls, structures, and carpets. By drying out the air, it is harder for mold spores to grow and spread themselves.

Contact Mold Doctors, Cape Cod and South Shore Mold Removal Specialist

If you found mold in your home, contact Mold Doctors immediately for a free inspection. We offer mold remediation, mold removal, mold prevention and other services.  We proudly serve Barnstable, Dennis, Yarmouth, Plymouth, and more.

Do Air Purifiers Actually Help to Prevent Mold from Growing?


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Mold & Air Purifier

After a long winter in the South Shore and Cape Cod area, spring has finally arrived, and it has brought a lot of rain ever since April. Many homeowners might have thought of purchasing an air purifier to get rid of the excessive moisture at home. Also, some people might believe that allergies will suddenly stop when you use an air purifier, however, that is just a part of allergy control. It is important to keep your doors and windows open to increase air circulation and helping the air purifier eliminate particles at a faster rate

In order to stop mold, it is essential to learn about the common causes of mold. Although not all mold is dangerous, yet no mold is good for your health. Mold will need oxygen, moisture, warmth and darkness to grow and survive in your home. However, moisture is the most important factor in whether mold will grow or not.

Common causes of mold:

  • Leaking Roofs – Rainwater might leak into the attic, an area with low traffic and mold could develop with the excess moisture.
  • Poor Air Circulation – If you have poor air circulation in a room, there is a chance that mold can grow from stagnant moisture
  • Leaking Pipes – Mold can start growing from the moisture caused by leaking pipes, especially the pipes hidden from view such as the ones in the walls.

To use air purifiers most effectively, it should be used in areas that are constantly dampened such as basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. Air purifiers will filter most of the spores in the air, however, they do not resolve the underlying problem of mold growth.

Contact a Mold Removal Specialist in South Shore & Cape Cod Today

If you ever found mold in your home, DO NOT attempt to remove it by yourselves because it could be toxic and you should contact Mold Doctors, a mold removal expert in the South Shore & Cape Cod area. Mold Doctors have years of experience handling mold found in the Cape Cod area. Call us today at 855-MOLD DOC. We are proud to serve Brockton, Duxbury, Cotuit, Middleborough, Orleans, and more.




4 Tips to Avoid Mold This Spring


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Mold Removal Cape Cod MA

How to Avoid Mold This Spring

Spring is finally here in New England and many homeowners are cleaning up their yard and home. While it is important to clean up any debris in your yard, it is also important to not overlook any mold that might emerge throughout your home. Check out these few tips that will keep your home mold free in the spring.

  • In areas like kitchen and bathroom with a high level of moisture, make sure you mop up any extra moisture and look out for any water leaks.
  • Retain a low humidity indoors of about 30% to 50%. By having a low humidity, it can decrease the amount of mold that will build up in your home.
  • Dry up any water spills in the house to avoid mold from growing because mold can grow with a small amount of moisture.
  • Place plants to increase oxygen and reduce CO2 levels in the house

By following these 4 tips, it can reduce the chance of mold growing and improves the air quality in the house. If you ever encounter mold in your home, DO NOT attempt to remove them yourself because it takes years of experience to determine if the mold is toxic. Contact a professional and licensed mold removal expert today. If you are in the South Shore or Cape Cod area looking for a mold removal specialist, call Mold Doctors today at 855-MOLD DOC for a free consultation.

Mold Growing in A Flooded Basement


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Mold Growing in A Flooded Basement

With snow melting as the winter is almost over, your basement could be flooded with melting snow and the notorious weather New England constantly gets in the spring. It is a severe problem for anyone living in a low elevation area. Also, if your basement is flooded, you could be dealing with more than just the water damages. Mold can grow due to the humidity caused by the flood and cause serious health issues.

Did you mold can grow in just a very small amount of water? Mold can survive and reproduce with enough humidity inside a room. So, even if you have removed the flooding with a pump, your basement has the potential of becoming a breeding ground for mold. Although not all mold is toxic, yet no mold has any benefits to a person’s home. It is highly recommended that you remove mold immediately after seeing them. It can irritate your eyes, nose, skin and respiratory diseases can develop spores get into the lungs.

Contact a Mold Removal Specialist in South Shore and Cape Cod Today

You should remove flooding in the basement within 24-48 hours. If you see mold growing in your basement, don’t remove it by yourself, contact Mold Doctors to remove it for you. It is very dangerous to remove by yourself as toxic spores might be released into the air. Mold Doctors have the experience and knowledge so you can breathe easy and we use only EPA-approved products that are safe for you and the environment. Contact Mold Doctors at 1-855-MOLDDOC for a free quote in Barnstable, Kingston, Plymouth, Chatham and other areas of South Shore and Cape Cod.

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